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Every child is different. They each have unique qualities. Some children seem to be great, “natural” students, others seem to need to work harder to get good results. Some children seem to “take to” education, others seem to resist it.

I believe that there are reasons for the seeming disparity in learning skills. I believe that all children can learn, and can improve their capacity to learn. (All adults can do the same.) Having been a teacher for about 40 years, I’ve had thousands of opportunities to really look at what education is and how it works best, and I’ve developed many techniques and ideas along those lines. This site will hopefully provide you some good and valuable ideas as to how to best educate yourself or your student. Some of the ideas may well be well known to you, others may not. I hope that you’ll consider what’s offered here and give it a try. I have as my purpose for the site the sharing of ideas and techniques which I have found actually do improve learning potential. They have to do with how one locates and evaluates information, along with other educational essentials.

I hope that you’ll find the ideas and methodology you find here of use, and that it lightens your load as a student or educator while improving your experience.